What makes leather so expensive?


Leather is a more recommended and preferable material than other materials and that’s one of the qualities that makes leather so expensive than other materials. But not only because of its demand but also for its making method. As you know leather is the only material that is strong, more flexible, and more durable material than other materials. The substance material is obtained from the chemical treatment, of animal skins and hides to prevent decay. Leather is too luxurious and expensive because it follows trends and people follow it. No one in the World who is associated with Fashion Universe ever declines the fact that leather is preferable and more demandable than any other material. There are 3 reasons why leather is too luxurious than other materials;

Take Care Of Animals

In the early stage of manufacturing, the nurturing of animals is the biggest challenge for the manufacturer developers. Making leather takes more time than any other material. It takes at least a year for a cow or goat to mature large enough so they can create enough skin for a large panel because sewn small pieces would be more difficult. During this period you have to take care of cows you have to feed them and keep them healthy, and this could be another reason, why this is so expensive.

Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process was never been easy since the manufacturing of leather. It contains a lot of struggle and time to take out all the necessities from animal skin so they can prepare leather. You can extract enough leather from a single animal. It takes a lot of chemicals to properly cure and treat the leather so that it is nice and usable. Moreover, leather is too heavy to deal with. Making something out of leather, need experience and special equipment. If any error occurs during the manufacturing process then you have to start the process from the beginning again.

Demand & Status

There is no doubt that the demand for leather increasing day by day. But not only because of its look but also for its durability and strength. Experts never compare leather to any other materials. Because they know that none of the materials contain such durability and look. Since the 90s the film industry accelerate its demands for leather goods day by day. The first time a Hollywood actor styled the leather jacket in a famous film was in Marlon Brando’s The Wild One. Brando’s character in the movie was a dangerous yet sexy gang member who had a great dressing sense. In this way, Hollywood played a significant part in the history of leather jackets. Further encouraging the trend to take hold of the masses. It was because of this adaptation of leather jackets by Hollywood rebels that began to associate The jackets with a bad boy persona

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