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Blazers are formal wear, but now with all the vibrant colors available in the market, the blazer can also be used in a casual setting and meetings as well. The blazers now come in various cuts, prints, and designs, which means there is one for every occasion. Women can pair the blazer with a contrasting top to look trendy or match it with a similar color top to look classy.

While most jackets come from army and military background, the blazer comes from the Navy background. The HMS Blazer was a frigate, whose crew members wore the blue double-breasted jackets with shiny golden buttons. This event took place in 1837 when Queen Victoria was visiting the ship. Later it became their uniform. Steadily the blazer jacket caught the attention of the locales and spread as a fashion in Europe. Soon, in the 80s women were seen wearing these jackets, which have now become a must for corporate attire.