How is Leather made?

Leather is a cornerstone of every fashion era, and it never goes out of style and trend. It concludes an important rule almost in every our daily life goods. Many fashion brands use this material in their bags, jackets, wallets, shoes, trousers, and many more like that. It becomes so trendy day by day, and entrepreneurial artisans are now selling handmade leather products that almost come in different colors, shapes, and sizes. Leather goods look more elegant than other good-making materials. The process to manufacture leather is divided into three basic subprocesses: Preservation, Preparatory Operations, and Post-Tannage. Moreover finishing is the last and the fifth subprocess is finishing, but not all manufacturers conclude finishing in their manufacturing process.


Preservation is a process that allows the transport and storage of raw materials. If an animal’s skin cannot be processed immediately in the tannery, it is stored to halt decay. This must be done quickly to prevent bacterial growth. Because it usually begins approximately 2 hours after slaughter. It is common but not needed if a tannery is close to the slaughterhouse. This happens at the end of the slaughterhouse processes where with exception of reptile leather all animal leather is a by-product.

Preparatory operations

These stages occur when the hide is prepared for tanning. These stages may include soaking, hair removal, liming, deliming, bating, bleaching, and pickling. Hides are cleaned from dirt, blood, salt, and hair the collagen structure is opened, they are fleshed, processed with base chemicals, and split into grains and splits. Moreover, splitting in this stage is common for upholstery and automotive leather.


In Post-tannage it is stated by the application of syntans, nourishment, and dyes. It is followed by the applications of wet-end auxiliaries after washing off the neutral salts and the addition of acid to fix these auxiliaries with the leather matrix. Each article of leather requires various wet-end products and mechanical actions.


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