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For much edger look, most women and men opt for leather jackets since they are a perfect fit for casual outfit or parties. One just needs to pair a leather jacket with the appropriate clothes. The leather jacket works in a plethora of options, for casual, one can pair it with a classic white T-shirt and blue jeans and boots, or with a printed top and heels. Much like the bomber jacket, the leather jacket also has a rich history.

The jacket was worn by German pilots during World War I. The leather jacket was brought into attention by the Harley-Davidson when the rose was embedded or printed behind the jacket gained popularity. Later in 1928, a designer named Irving Schott converted the leather jacket into a motorcycle jacket. One would only find the leather jacket via a Harley-Davidson distributor for the cost of 5.50 dollars. Further, in the 1940s, the leather jacket became a symbol statement of army men in the United States.

It wasn’t till the 1950s, the fashion crossed the gender boundaries and was embraced by females. In 1954, the leather jacket was titled as ‘Ladies companion jacket’ in Accessories Catalog. The gender bias of the jacket came to an end and was accepted by people worldwide.