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A leather jacket is one of the most essential components of a man’s wardrobe. No matter the season, region, or reason, a well-made and well-styled jacket always perfectly fits the scene, which has been true for centuries. But it’s a real shame that most people are unaware of the vast and fascinating history of these animal hide jackets.

Cafe racer jacket is associated with jackets that are worn by bikers and people that drive around on fancy motorcycles. There are many designs and variations available on the market, but you can recognize a café racer jacket by its simplistic design, flat collar, and straight zipper.

We have been talking a lot about all black jackets, so let’s change the formula a bit and discuss a jacket that integrates color in a smart way.

We also introduce our collection of best cafe racer leather jackets in white, yellow, maroon, green, red, blue, navy blue, orange, pink, off-white and many other vibrant, decent and classic shades, just for all the vibrant and fashionable cafe racer leather jacket lovers out there.