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The one sure thing about riding a motorcycle: you need to be protected from every eventuality, whether that’s heat, rain, wind or a possible crash. Our choices for the best motorcycle jackets reflect seasonal thinking (from heat to cold) and versatility.

Need of Armor in the Jacket?

We looked for options with more pockets, manual vents, and when a jacket is armored, we made fit and freedom of movement a priority—because not all armor makes that possible. Even if a jacket on our list doesn’t have its own integrated protection, it’s built to allow wearing armor underneath, and every piece here is designed to protect you during a slide.

Motorcycle Jacket as a Safety Skin?

Some of our choices reflect a preference for the one motorcycle jacket you’ll keep forever, with all the bells and whistles you’d want for a pan-nation moto adventure, while others are more for grocery-getting or coffee meet-ups. Still, while we prioritized protection.

Which color You should choose?

In the daylight when the sun is up in the sky, nothing can be better than a Black or Brown Motorcycle Jacket and if the jacket has a sleek shiny appearance then it will be something that flourishes. However, if you are riding at night, I would not recommend wearing a black or brown Motorcycle Jacket as it will be all blackout. Especially when you are passing through the area of minimum or no light.