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How to Clean Leather Car Seats: Step By Step


Leather seats add a touch of lavishness to your car. They’re expensive, so you are required to take care of them. Here’s how to cleanse the leather seats of your car so that they look fantastic and survive a long time.

First, vacuum the seats, being attentive to clear dirt and waste from the crevices. Next, lay a cleaning solution to the car seats. Do not utilize bleach or ammonia-based cleansers as they can destroy the leather. You can utilize a commercial leather cleaner, or you can produce your own. Mix warm water and Castile soap or liquid dishwashing soap in a bucket. Use a ratio of 5 parts water to 1 part soap. Wet a cloth with the solution and wipe down the seat covers.

Don’t saturate the leather because too much water could pool in the seat seams and seep into the cushions.

Extra water can also stain the leather. Wipe clean with a second wet cloth. Dry totally with a towel.

Another idea to clean leather: Mix 1/2 cup of olive oil with 1/4 cup of vinegar in a spray bottle. Spray it on the seat, wait for five minutes, and wipe.

The most useful method to keep leather car seats clean is to prevent stains. Wipe-up spills as soon as they smashed the seat. Even if you’re quick with the cleanup, stains will occur. Catch one of these items and get cleaning.


Dab non-gel toothpaste on the dirty area. Use a toothbrush to smoothly scrub away the stain. Wipe the area with a neat fabric when finished, then dry with a towel. Toothpaste will also withdraw scuffs.

Lemon Juice and Cream of Tartar

Use this on light upholstery only, as it has a bleaching effect. Mix equal parts of juice and cream of tartar into a paste. Apply to the soiled area and let sit for 30 minutes. Use a damp sponge to remove the paste.

Rubbing Alcohol

Dip a cotton swab in rubbing alcohol and blot the stain. Once you’ve swiped the stain, wash the spot with a soft solution of liquid dish soap and warm water. Wipe with a neat, wet fabric. Alcohol can dry out leather, so use it sparingly.

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