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The bomber jacket has been the go-to jacket for most people for a very long time. How long you ask? The jacket has been around since the Second World War; A less known fact, about the most famous jacket of all time. The evergreen jacket can be dated back to the eighteenth century, which makes it classic and dashing.

The Bomber jacket was originally worn as a military jacket by the soldiers of Hungarian Cavalry in the American Civil war. The uniform was topped with the jacket, where the fabric of the jacket made the camouflage uniform heavy. Later the jacket caught the designer’s attention and was brought in the fashion industry in 1924, where it became a revolution piece. Later the French designer, Coco Chanel created the woman’s version of the jacket fashion.

Now the bomber jackets are worn with the plain white shirt and ripped jeans giving a rugged look to a person. The girls have often seen them wearing over the skirts and dresses as well.