Why does leather making require chemicals?


Chemistry is in everything you hold, eat and touch. Chemicals will become harmful if it will not handled carefully. Chemicals are complicated. For example, Sodium needs sensitive care when it’s in sodium hydroxide which is highly alkaline and caustic, and less when in sodium chloride, common salt, which we use in our food. However, if common salt gets into our aquifers it will ruin our drinking water. From early times, In Leathermaking chemicals have been used.

In ancient times, Leather industries have always had a clever method to use biomaterials. In recent times, they have been careful about their chemical uses.. Many old biochemical methods have been replaced by new and cautious chemistries methods. Nowadays, Leather industries give their best to reduce all chemical utilization and eliminate chemicals that come from fossil fuel origins.

The basic importance of Leather industries is to train their staff properly and provide the best facilities and workwear to handle chemicals appropriately. All wasted solid, liquid, and atmospheric are managed to be safe within any legal limits.

Tanneries need to comply with basic standards such as the EU REACH. EU REACH requires chemicals and most of the customers are on a much stricter restricted substances list. The leather itself believes that the highest possible standards in the use of chemicals and strong caring are necessary for responsible leather production.

Leather which is made under the supervision of the care and experience production team, it avoids toxic material. It does not require toxic chemistries and this leather exists in all major global tannery operations.

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