DIY Guide

Recycle Leather Products


For 70 years, leather industries utilizing leather fiberboard as a material in footwear and sound boarding. Leather compounds have been present since the 2000s and industries have done a lot of work to produce a broad variety of recycled leathers.

Normally we go for leather products to be repaired and reconditioned. If leather’s product life comes to an end then we go to repurposing into other leather products. We utilize it like just many companies and industries used small leather goods and pieces to create designing items like floor carpets and wall covers. This renovation gives the leather a new life.

Some of the used small pieces and items of leather are used in stuff items like boxing punch bags athat nd boxing gloves. It’s not, in general, today but for many years and decades, many companies buy the small pieces and shaved from leather factories and recycled them after removing tannin and the protein was used for gelatin. In shoe factories, this method is still done and chromium is utilized in the chemical industry.

Another historical use for old leather and tiny pieces is leatherboard where the leather is ground up and the fibers used to create a board that is good to utilize for many, like insoles and heel inserts, because they keep several properties of leather. New uses are being quite quickly developed and include a highly successful version that builds the ground fibers around a plastic skeleton. Again, if sold honestly they offer excellent materials for certain uses but will lack the longevity of leather, cannot be repaired, and are more difficult to dispose of at end of life.

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