Top Grain Leather Vs Bonded Leather


People get confused and the topic gets complicated when you are trying to know and understand the difference between top-grain leather and bonded leather. But the real confusion comes when some greedy companies tried to sell the benefits of used leather even though it may be a minor approach for special products. Bonded leather and top-grain leather come up with different productions process. They are different from each other.

Bonded leather requires cheap production and product, it is made from scraps of the used leather, and by use of chemical adhesive, they glue them onto the material. When you sit on furniture made of bonded leather, your clothes got friction, which slowly leads the leather to flake. With many pieces of leather missing from the furniture, it slowly leads your furniture to reveal its cheap production within five years.

On the other hand, top-grain leather is much better than bonded leather. Top-grain leather requires not much expensive but careful production. It is made up of the animal’s hide of its top layer. Which means the grain in the animal’s hide has been sanded away. This process preserves the durability and hardness of leather.

Bonded leather is a bad investment. Companies persuade people to buy their product because it is cheaper than top-grain leather. But they don’t know that leather is cheap because of its low-cost production and cheap product. If you want a product that can be utilized after a decade as it was utilized since day one then top-grain leather will be the best choice.

As you know, almost every cheap product requires an expensive repair. Similarly, bonded leather is difficult to repair for repairers and it will burden your pocket. Because it’s not real leather thus it requires many layers of polish to give the shape of real leather. But it won’t end yet because if a hole appears in your couch or sofa and it will almost be impossible to repair because the polish that was utilized before wears away over time and can’t be replaced.

In contrast, top-grain leather couches, and chairs not only maintain their shines over time. But they develop a decent and lovely patina. So if a hole appears in your couches or sofa, it’s easy to repair.

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