Rare and Common Hides and Skins used for Leather


Chemically leather is made with animal hides and skins in a tanning process. The tanning process is a storing process in which hides are preserved so they can be used in various manufacturing processes of shoes, garments, and upholstered furniture. But not only cowhide and sheep hide are utilize during the tanning process and in the making of leather but there is a wide range of rare and common skins and hides that can be used for leather, from common to exotic.

  • Cowhide
    It will be no surprise that cowhide is the most common hide that is used in making leather. In research of Satra Technology and Research Centre states that 64 percent of Worldwide leather is made from cowhide. Particularly, it’s used in manufacturing clothing and upholstered items.
  • Sheepskin
    Sheepskin is commonly used for making jackets and rugs. Sheepskin is particularly used in the making of warm leather products. It is also used in making soft and luxury items such as gloves and coats.
  • Buffalo Hide
    Although buffalo hide is strong and thick it has a softness as it is associated with cowhide leather. Not only softness is the reason that buffalo hide shows its connection with cowhide but like cowhide leather, buffalo hide is also used for a wide range of leather products. It is particularly used in fabricating shoes and jackets because of its durability.
  • Kangaroo Skin
    As with Kangaroo, Kangaroo skin is extremely strong, I hope you never got their punches. Besides its strong, Kangaroo skin is soft and flexible. It is used in the fabrication of motorcycle leather. Especially it is used in the manufacture of soccer shoes.
  • Alligator/Crocodile Hide
    You haven’t heard before that Alligator and Crocodile can be used in leather products. Their rareness is the reason for their expensiveness. Their hides are used to make luxurious leather items such as boots, handbags, and purses.
  • Snakeskin
    Want beauty and strength in one leather skin? Snakeskin will be the best choice. It is ideal for luxury accessories like bags, belts, and shoes because it is thin and flexible.
  • Ostrich Skin
    Ostrich skin is strong. It is used in making soft, strong, and expensive leather. Commonly it is used in designer products from small accessories to upholstered furniture.
  • Fish/Shark Skin
    Fish skin is mainly used in the making of leather products while Sharkskin is used in soft, sleek, shining, stable, and durable leather products but it’s very expensive leather because it is rare.

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