What is the origin behind Black Friday?


Black Friday is just an event in which most retailers and online companies participate. They boost their sales by decreasing the price of their products. It occurs the very next day after Thanksgiving day. It is not only celebrated on Friday. But it can be on Monday, Tuesday, and every next day of the Thanksgiving festival.

When you will research “What is the history of Black Friday” so rather than history you will trap in many mysteries. Mysteries like Black Friday or Good Friday. So let be clear here, Black Friday is an event that is celebrated after the day of Thanksgiving (In terms of Christianity religion). Good Friday is the Friday before Easter when Jesus died. In Muslim countries, Black Friday is never called Black Friday. Muslims called that day White Friday or Bless Friday. Friday is considered the holiest day of the week. In Islamic tradition, Friday is considered a celebration in itself

Back in 1960, In Philadelphia, there were a huge rush of people on streets and road and massive traffic jams which was a huge challenge for Philadelphia Police. On that day it was Philadelphia Police who refer that day as Black Friday. Because it was a day when nobody wants to work and in resultant. They came to the street and roads in huge numbers for shopping. It was police in Philadelphia though who started using the term “Black Friday” in a more widespread sense in the 1960s. But for them, it had a negative connotation. In the 1960s police hated that day.

Between the 1960s and 1980, many retailers and online companies in the USA, participate in Black Friday events. After 1980 when the internet revolution came into being many global retailers and online companies. They showed their interest in this event. Philadelphia police originally used the term with the hopes. So it can turn people away from shopping after the day of Thanksgiving. But in the end, that branding eventually backfired and BLACK FRIDAY is now the most notorious shopping day of the year, not only in the USA but globally.

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