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How to care for your leather jacket?


A leather jacket is used for keeping warm in cold weather. It’s the ultimate solution for many problems, like more pocket options, safety gear, and more like it. Auraoutfits always want you to enjoy your leather jackets for a lifetime.  To keep them safe from every cracks your leather jacket will look beautiful for years. Covering all day-to-day care and maintenance to small repairs and specialist cleaning, here you’ll find everything there is to know about leather jacket care.

Keep It Dry

As you know water can play a crucial role in spoiling your leather jacket. A small amount of water may not spoil your leather jacket so it is important to clean it up as soon as you can but wipe it carefully. You should avoid wearing leather jackets in the rainy season. If it does get wet, so just hang it out to dry immediately before putting it.

Hang It Properly

Never leave the jacket folded for a long time so it can cause creases and cracks in the leather jacket. If you toss your leather jacket on the floor at the bottom of your closet, it can cause a lot of damage to your leather jacket. Don’t store your jacket on a wire hanger. don’t shove it into your closet among dozens of other coats. Give it some space!

Stay Away From Heat

Heat can cause a lot of damage and crack on your leather jacket. Never put your jacket on or near the heating vent. Moreover, you should never iron or steam it yourself. Do not expose it to sunlight. Direct exposure to sunlight is harmful to any leather product. It will be good if you avoid putting a leather jacket on you when you go near any hot place or any heat radiator.

Don't Clean At Home

As we mention above that never iron or steam your leather jacket by yourself. . There is no harm if you will wash your leather jacket in a washing machine but a small mistake can cause serious harm. You should send your leather jacket to the laundry so they can wash your jacket properly.

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